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"architect" means any individual registered under the Architectural Act to practice architecture;

-§61-15-2. Definitions NMBEA Architectural Act


Architects - What They Do (


Value of an AIA Architect (AIA National)


Architects bring visions to life (AIA Sierra Valley)



Hire an Architect


Whether you’re thinking of building a home or you are about to expand your current facility, adapt an existing structure to a new use, or construct an entirely new building, your project represents a major investment. Architects help you define what you want to build, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your investment. They don’t just design four walls and a roof — they create total environments, both interiors and exteriors, spaces that are functional and exciting places in which to work and live.

Architects help you get the most from your construction dollar. They can reduce building costs and decrease your home's energy needs.

The key is early involvement – as soon as possible after the idea is conceived. By helping you define the project, architects can provide meaningful guidance for design. They can conduct site studies, help secure planning and zoning approvals, and perform a variety of other pre-design tasks.

They can also help you adapt your current home or office as your needs change. Architects can show you how to enlarge, update, and upgrade your project so it grows with your wants and needs while proposing ways to complete a cost effective building.


For these reasons we are providing ways for you the client to find the right AIA architect to get the job done. You can use the resources below to help you get started.

AIA Find An Architect Database

This online database created by AIA National will help you locate an architect by location.


You and Your Architect

This simple guide created by AIA National will help you through the architectural design process and will explain the role of the architect in the development and construction of your building project. You will learn how to get started with a building project, by asking yourself questions about your needs and expectations. The guide will provide advice on how to interview and select an architect, it will explain the variety of services architects can provide, and will help you through negotiating an agreement between the owner and architect, including project schedule and compensation.

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